Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Family Tree Casareto


Years of research in the registries of the local parish church in Credarola made it possible for Domenico Rossi (eldest son of Eugenio and Caterina) to trace the family origines back to Sabadino.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sabadino Rossi

View of La Ghiaia from Ca' de Baccion

Friday, October 14, 2005

Ca' de Baccion

Monday, October 10, 2005


Casareto di Credarola - La Ghiaia (Bardi, Italy)

Casareto di Credarola and La Ghiaia are located some six miles from the nearest big town, Bardi in the Parma province of Italy. Take the direction to Bedonia and Cereseto and turn right when you see the signpost showing "La Ghiaia". From now on, the road is a mountain track, best if your vehicle is four-wheel drive. After having passed in front of La Ghiaia's five houses, about half a mile later, you will see the house. "Ca' de Baccion" as it is known. Baccion was the nickname given to the Rossi's from above.

What you see now is the latter day house, build in the 19th Century. The original house was demolished a few years ago because too old and dangerous.

It was in the basement of the oldest house that was carved into an oak beam, a message from our ancestor "Sabadino Rossi, 1707" with a family crest. Sabadino was the first Rossi in Casareto. Research in the church registry at Credarola, has made it possible to trace our family back to this era. Domenico Rossi made it possible for us all to know from whence we came.

Sabadino had two sons, Giovanni Battista and Bartolomeo. Giovanni Battista and his descendants stayed in Casareto, Bartololeo and his moved down to La Ghiaia.

These two separate branches of the same family, sharing the same surname, lived next to each other but were reunited again in the 1940's when Eugenio (a "Baccion") married Caterina from La Ghiaia.

They were my grand-parents.